Monica Bellucci stripsearched in Agents Secrets (2004)

Monica Bellucci stripsearch sceneGorgeous Italian sex symbol Monica Bellucci plays a spy in this tense action thriller.

In this scene she’s been captured and is forced to endure a cavity search. She strips nude, first peeling her top off and then undoing her bra, allowing her big breasts to spill forth. When she bends over to take off her pants those huge hooters hang sexily from her amazing body, bouncing and jiggling as she removes the rest of her attire.

Then she assumes a crouched position while a female officer snaps on a pair of rubber gloves and prepares to go where every man wishes he could be — up Monica’s pussy and ass.

Jade Herrera in East of Hope Street (1998)

Jade Herrera cavity searchAn immigrant teen living in America is passed from foster home to foster home until she ends up in a juvenile detention center despite not doing anything wrong.

There she is mentally and sexually abused by the callous wardens and in this scene she is marched naked down the hall towards the showers, where she is subjected to an invasive cavity search. She has to bend over and spread her ass while the wardens check she isn’t smuggling anything up her butt before being roughly shoved into the showers to wash.

Woman stripped and searched in prison

Woman stripped and searched in prisonSexy blonde Trine Dyrholm stars as an imprisoned lady in the watchable Danish drama Forbrydelser (2004).

In this scene she has to undergo a routine strip search and is in the locker room when the girl prison officer makes her remove her clothes and hand them to her so she can pat them down.

Then Trine has to walk about a bit to make sure nothing falls from her pretty pussy and when the officer is satisfied she has nothing to hide, Trine is allowed to get dressed.

Emmanuelle Beart has an invasive cavity search

Emmanuelle Beart strip searched in jailHot French beauty Emmanuelle Beart plays a drug addicted prostitute who gets sent to prison and in this scene she is subjected to a clinical strip search by the female prison doctor.

The doc is very cold and rough with poor Emmanuelle, making her remove all her clothes before having her stand and crouch in various degrading positions. The worst is when Emmanuelle has to bend over with one foot up on a table, spread her butt cheeks and cough as the doc looks up her ass and pussy — how humiliating!

Linda Fiorentino in Gotcha

Linda Fiorentino stripsearchedBefore she found fame in the 90s with The Last Seduction, Linda had a part in this cool little spy movie where she befriends ER doc Anthony Edwards.

Set in Germany, she finds herself in trouble at the East German border and is strip searched by a nasty looking frauline behind a curtain while a couple of male German detectives wait outside.

This is humiliating enough for Linda, but when the frauline opens the curtain at the end of the search, Linda hasn’t finished dressing and the men get a good look at her naked body before she angrily draws it shut, embarrassed that she was left exposed on top of her degrading ordeal and that the males saw her small pert breasts.

Martine Brochard in Riot in a Women’s Prison

Strip searched in a women's prisonAn attractive lesbian undergoes a humiliating cavity search in this scene from yet another exploitation prison movie that were all the rage in the 70s.

This one is Italian and beautiful Martine is forced nude before a prison officer steps behind her wearing gloves and begins rooting around in her ass and checking her pussy. Martine screws up her face in pain and shame and takes herself away to better times, flashing back to a lovely day she spent with her gay lover before she was sent to jail.

The scene keeps flashing back as Martine tries to get through her unpleasant ordeal by recalling this happy memory, but it must be difficult to block out that someone has their fingers up your pussy!

Drunk woman forcibly strip searched

Forced strip search of drunk womanA pretty young blonde woman is the victim of a forced strip search in this scene from the Polish political thriller Interrogation (1982).

A gang of baddies want to frame her for a crime and so get her very drunk one evening and when she is barely able to walk they carry her to their hideaway. There she is placed on a table where her clothes and underwear are stripped off, freeing her big breasts.

As she drifts in and out of consciousness a man puts on a rubber glove and gives her a cavity search, reaching inside her pussy, while another one checks her ears and mouth. Then her naked body is carried into the next room as they put their dastardly plan into action.

Shirley Knight in Indictment: The McMartin Trial

Shirley Knight strip searchRespected actress Shirley Knight was 59 years old when she starred in this TV movie, which makes this nude scene very brave and not very appetising for the casual viewer unless you’ve a thing for overweight GILFs.

Having been arrested poor Shirley is taken to a holding cell and forced to undress in front of two female police officers. She is then made to bend over whilst nude and asked to spread her vagina while one of the officers looks up her cavities with a torch. Shirley also has to cough just in case something falls out of her ass or pussy.

There may be glimpses of big breasts and nipples, but there’s also a very big ass and some chunky legs on display so you may want to skip this one unless the humiliation of an older woman (as acted so touchingly and brilliantly by Shirley) floats your boat. It’s when she asks meekly if she can put her clothes back on as the callous officers share a joke about her big, unattractive belly that you’ll feel really sorry for her.

Roxanna Michaels in Caged Fury

Roxanna Michaels cavity searchPretty brunette Roxanna has been wrongly imprisoned (funny how all sexy female inmates have been falsely incarcerated) and is now at the mercy of a particularly sadistic warden.

This warden is a fat, ugly bitch who makes Roxanna’s life hell because she is jealous of her youth and beauty. In this scene Roxanna and another hot lady prisoner are suspected of hiding items under their clothes and are ordered to undergo a cavity search.

So the bitchy warden dons a rubber glove and takes great delight in bending nude Roxanna over a table and shoving her fat fingers up her pussy and butt, making the poor girl scream in pain and humiliation.

Uschi Digard in Truck Stop Women

Uschi Digard stripsearchedBusty 70s star Uschi Digard is taken advantage of by a kinky sheriff in this scene as he uses his position of authority to get the sexy Swede naked.

After being wrongly arrested she is taken to a quiet room by the fat old sheriff and told to undress because he needs to stripsearch her. Being as naive as she is hot, Uschi reluctantly does as he says and is too scared to say anything when the sheriff takes off his pants and shirt before approaching her as she stands spread eagled leaning against the wall.

Using the excuse of looking for items she may have hidden on her person, he pats down her nude body, squeezing her massive breasts, running his hands up and down her long legs and even gently spanking her ass. Then he makes it clear she’s to do as he says or face imprisonment, and guess what she has to do next…